Fairview Plaza Adds Salon Lofts, a Premier Salon Suite Operator

Date Posted: 3/25/24, 8:24 AM
Author: Fairview Plaza

Charlotte N.C, - March, 2024 – American Asset Corporation and its principals—the long-term owners of Fairview Plaza—are on a real estate roll, following up on their $5 million investment to convert strategic portions of office space into retail and amenity space with yet another major investment in the project and the score of an exciting new tenant. Following the first investment, which landed the highly successful 131 Main restaurant, they’re keeping up the momentum with the recent opening of Salon Lofts, one of the premier salon suite operators in the US. This new deal brings with it an additional $3 million investment in interior and exterior renovations. Included in the exterior renovations is a complete upgrade of the extensive public plazas that connect all three multitenant office buildings at Fairview Plaza.

“We are one of the few true long-term real estate owners in the market, having owned Fairview Plaza since 1979, and we are always looking for ways to update our projects,” said Paul Herndon, President of American Asset Corporation. “We weren’t looking for a salon deal. They were looking for a location in SouthPark, and Fairview Plaza provided all the features they needed. We decided they would be a great addition to the project.”

Salon Lofts boasts 260 locations primarily throughout the central and eastern states, of which 21 are in the Charlotte area. It is occupying 5,800 square feet at Fairview Plaza, and services offered there will include hairstyling, nails, skin piercing, tattooing, and eyebrow waxing and tinting, with more varied services to be added in what is planned to be 40 mini-salons. Not only will office tenants of the 320,000-square-foot Fairview Plaza complex, which is 90 percent leased, enjoy the new onsite salon services, but the salons will also serve the larger market. SouthPark is a centrally located regional hub where many national and international retailers and services have located their only stores in the market.

“They are a high-quality operator and an incredible amenity to add to Fairview Plaza” said Cooper Burton, American Asset’s Executive Vice President of Commercial Leasing. “Just like we did with 131 Main restaurant, we took a prominent first-floor area of the office complex and created retail space. We will do it again for another user—convert more first-floor space—if we feel it will complement Fairview Plaza and the community at large.”

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